Founded in 1995, Our bakery and cafe has stood strong as a testament and backbone to what customers perceive as their most favourite establishment. Our founding father Christopher Tang will be sorely missed,however his vision that he has erected will stay strong forever more in the etchings of our café.

Enjoy fine pastries from our bakery or have a light afternoon at our café!

You can rest assured that we serve only the finest baked goods,made with ingredients from faraway countries such as Paris and France!

Many customers have lauded us for our impeccable performance in industry-standard cleanliness.You can rest assured that while eating your marvelleous in-house baked treats,you can enjoy the comfort of there being no cleaner cafeé.

If you remain unconvinced as to our ingenuity and cake-design as one of the best cafés in all of Singapore, here is an exercpt from one of our customers, a Mr Kavin Nayak: "These pasteries and cakes are best i have ever eaten in my 6575 days of living! I cannot reccomend a more distingushed and dignified cafeé than Christopher's Bakery and Café!